Manager, Product Design | Head of LivingSocial Design


Restaurants Plus is a credit card-linked cash back program. It was launched with initial success in DC, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, but struggled to keep customers engaged.

Hangry Machine is a fully reimagined experience to keep customers engaged while giving them even more value compared to Restaurants Plus.

Landing Page Redesign

In Q4 2016, Groupon acquired LivingSocial and asked the LivingSocial design team to redesign the web experience.

As a result, we set our redesign goals to not only make the site visually appealing, but also more actionable.

Bring on the new LivingSocial.


Retail marketplace

Fetti is a rebranding and spinoff of LivingSocial's retail marketplace.

The existing experience is limited in capability by the deals and voucher marketplace. Fetti separates LivingSocial's retail marketplace to provide a better shopping experiece for its customers.

Merchant Resources

LivingSocial's merchant marketing team needed a way to show off its marketing knowledge in order to attract new merchants to its platform.

The project's greatest challenge was analyzing and determining the best way to organize the merchant marketing team's vast array of content. Not only did the content change in the type of information it presented, but also in the way the information was presented.


Venmo makes it easy to send payments to other people through their app, but want to expand their services to make a difference in the world. With users accustomed to sending money quickly, Venmo would like to introduce a way for users to send money via their app to causes they care about.

Ghost Note Agency

Journeyman is a conference management system designed from the ground up to integrate the entire conference experience into one tool; a seamless experience from organizer to attendee.