LivingSocial Site Redesign

In Q4 2016, Groupon acquired LivingSocial and asked the LivingSocial design team to redesign the web experience.

The key problems with the old site were:

  • non-actionable landing page
    • the old site was designed when LivingSocial and other deals marketplaces were not common
    • had clear education on what LivingSocial was, but did not display any deals or shopping categories for the consumer to explore
    • deals were listed on the next page, or when the consumer returned to the site again
  • stale, tired design that no longer incited fun and excitement in the local experiences consumers could buy

As a result, we set our redesign goals to not only make the site visually appealing, but also more actionable (feel free to read this as "make mo' money").

Here's what we designed:

  • get rid of the old "educational" landing page (ELP)
    • looking at our Google Analytics data, we found that these ELP sessions made up about a third of our total site traffic
    • sessions that landed on our ELP were only half as likely to make a purchase
    • if we could double the purchase rate on a third of our site visitors, we could theoretically increase our revenue by over 16% (that's a whopping $200M+ in annual revenue)
  • show off what sells best
    • we know what people like buying, so why not show them what they want right off the bat?
      • the most purchased new deals this week
      • the fastest selling deals
      • the all-time most purchased deals
    • give consumers a way to see more top deals
      • our old site only showed a limited number of popular deals with no clear way to see more than what was shown
      • the new design has links to each category that lead to an even larger display of deals
  • automated and timely collections
    • to find deals that are relevant to the real world, we designed a collections list that uses our deals database category tagging to recommend sets of deals for holidays, days of the week, or even time of day, ie.:
      • Mother's Day spa deals
      • Sunday brunch specials
      • super comfortable bed sheets
  • listen to what the consumer wants
    • our old search was very particular in what it displayed
    • the new design incorporates both elastic search as well as suggestive search
      • elastic search helps find results that the consumer could have meant
      • suggestive search suggests search terms to help guide them towards better results