Give me the codes!

I am definitely no pro at any sort of development, but I'm SO thankful that I've had HTML/CSS experience before. It made today seem like a walk in the park.

I was never really taught. It started back when we needed a new website for the summer camp I was directing. The old site started looking outdated just after two years and it was crucial for our marketing strategy.

I started with a few tutorials from YouTube, but they didn't help too much. Then I turned to website creators, which didn't have enough function for what our site needed. So then I turned to Codecademy.

It was pretty intimidating at first. They offer courses in so many different languages. What about Ruby? What's does Javascript do? Is CSS used only to make things pretty? I knew I needed to start at HTML, so I that's where I blindly dove in.

And.. that's all I can tell you about that weekend. It's like I completely blacked out for a weekend and suddenly it was Monday. I went in with the hopes of learning something. I came out having done crash courses in HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL. Definitely one of those "I know Kung-Fu" moments.

Since then, the site I worked on has been in production and while it could use a few tweaks, it seems to have aged quite gracefully. It's not a huge site, but for a few months of the year, it can see over 20,000 views in a day. So, I'm pretty proud of it!

I'm going to try to push myself even harder this week and learn a few things from the awesome instructors here at GA. Jesse's coming in tomorrow to teach the class CSS and I'm going to see if he can spend some time teaching me a few CSS tricks.