USA Today Presentations

It's been a while since I last updated on the project. Today, we had our presentations to the GA staff and USA Today.

It's funny. Everyone in the class keeps saying how I look so comfortable in front of people when giving presentations. They talk about how I never seem nervous, how excited I am to be talking about all these things, how I always seem like I'm having a good time.

 Where Wallet Logo used for the GA x USA Today project.

Where Wallet Logo used for the GA x USA Today project.

Let me tell you. I'm a mess on the inside.

Today was that was even more true than normal. It's the waiting part that really gets to me. We were in the middle of today's stack of presentations and there were three others before we presented. I remember feeling my heart pounding during the third one. We have a good project. Why was I so nervous? Was it because USA Today was in the room? Or was it because it was the first time we presented in front of the (massive) web development instructor team?

In any case. Our presentation went well! We got some great comments afterwards and people loved the graphics I made for the app.


Today was the first Truckeroo of 2015. It's a food truck festival held next to Nationals Stadium where there are (obviously) lots of food trucks, live music, and people that just love eating. We had just come from GA's weekly happy hour, so we weren't terribly hungry, but definitely just had to try as many as we could. It was an awesome way to unwind after an intense week and you can bet that I'm going to be at the next one.