Smooth Sailing

This morning’s lecture talked about branding. Mostly consisted of defining what our brand for project 3 communicated to its audience. We did an exercise which asked us to come up with words that defined what our brand was and also put a limit on it. Of course our group got a little ridiculous and came up with “Responsible, but not Mother Theresa.”

The rest of today went by pretty quickly and was mostly uneventful. Our group checked in throughout the rest of the day, developers went headfirst into coding, and us designers went off to do more user research/validation. Can’t really say much else. Things are going well!

Tonight’s going to be filled with lots and lots of playing around in Prezi. We definitely have an idea that we know we can’t produce for the final coded product because of technical reasons, so I’m trying to find a way to at least present our vision for what we’d like to do. This should be fun. :)