Crunched & 3D Printing

It's two days before presentation day and I'm pretty sure the whole class is starting to freak out (or has been and I'm just late to the party). Faz and Erica told me that I'm actually a little bit ahead, but I can't help but think there's still so much to do.

The alumni from previous classes didn't really say too much when we met up with them. It came down to thinks like "you'll get only as much as you put into the class" and "take photos of EVERYTHING!" (something I need to do more of..). That all seems to be true and that's fine. I didn't expect anything else going into this class.

Curiously, they all mentioned one thing in particular. "Just wait till Faz drops a Faz bomb on you."

I thought the same thing you're probably thinking. What the heck is a Faz bomb? I didn't get any clear answers either when I asked. They said things like "oh, you'll know it when it happens." 

Well it happened today. My plated project was starting to look pretty polished. All the navigation worked just fine. Had a few problems with taxonomy and specific layout issues, but not really too much else. That is until Faz pointed out that maybe he doesn't care which meal he makes. He just wants to take a cooking class.

Turns out there's no easy way to do that from what I have... Back to the sketch pad. 

"In Steve Jobs we trust."

"In Steve Jobs we trust."

"Print the Legend" 

Erica organized a movie night for the UXDI class tonight. It was a documentary that talked about the emergence of 3D printing in the consumer and prosumer markets, specifically companies like Makerbot and FormLabs.

I had heard of some of these before, but didn't know too much about the companies specifically other than the products they produced. (Side note: We actually have a Makerbot here at 1776. Suggestions on what to make? I really want to try it!)

The documentary is available in Netflix and I think everyone that reads this blog should probably go watch it. I won't spoil anything here, but I must say that the startup world is kinda crazy. I don't think I'd ever want to be a CEO of a successful startup. At the same time though, it would be AWESOME to be on the design team at either of those startups!

one day.. one day..