UXD x food

 Brian Wansink, Ph.D.

Brian Wansink, Ph.D.

Well this was spontaneous.

There was a meetup posted early this morning before I was really fully awake. I had quickly skimmed the title and thought it sounded interesting. Then class started and I completely forgot about it all. 

That seems to be how I start most mornings. All these grand ideas in the shower that I can never remember once I step out. Same goes with the dreams I have every night (yes, I dream every night, usually pretty lengthy ones at that). By the time I make it out of my room, it's gone and rarely do I remember later in the day.

Well I got to the end of class and on my way out, I stopped to talk to Liz and she reminded me about it seeing if I was going. At this point, I was BEAT. We had about 5 hours of lecture and sitting and listening to yet another one seemed dreadful. That is, until I actually read the stinkin' description. Turns out, the speaker was the author of one of my favorite books of all time, Mindless Eating.

The book talks about food psychology and how we consume food differently based on other environmental cues. Did you know if you take the same bag of snacks and spread them out in three different bowls at a party, people think there's more food and generally have a better subjective experience?

Today's meetup talked about all sorts of things like that, but from a design perspective. For example, putting plates at the back of the buffet results in customers eating less. So do smaller plates 9-10 inches in diameter, sitting customers further away from the food, having customers face away from the buffet, and putting higher value items in a harder to see place. Apparently this save a restaurant owner $35k per restaurant. And he owns like 60 of these restaurants.. o.o

It's really an eye opener to what good/bad design can do To any situation. His work is definitely inspiring and I can't wait to take these UX skills into the real world. :)