The lights turned off.

UXDI Week 1 Day 4

I was there late enough to see the lights turn off. At least it’s the first time, not the fourth time.. right?

Today was all about workshop and prototyping. During the morning session, we learned about different types of prototyping. Everything from paper prototyping to concierge MVP to static HTML to a functional prototype. Did you know Zappos actually went out to buy each shoe that got ordered at their site before bringing it to UPS to get it shipped? Crazy, eh?

We spent the rest of the morning working with Marvel. It’s a pretty new paper prototyping tool for web and mobile. I wish I could say things went smoothly, but let’s just say it’s also very buggy. Maybe they need more prototyping themselves? It was plagued with registration issues, login issues, crashes, needing to login again each time, server errors… the list just keeps going.


I’ve gotta say it’s pretty damn cool though. I ended up putting my sketches through Marvel and it’s pretty cool seeing everything work and transition! Crazy to think we’ve gone from never conducting user research before to making a working navigational interface for an app!

In the afternoon, the GA team treated us to Mellow Mushroom (omg that Thai pizza was crazy) and introduced us to the outcomes team and how they’d be helping us with getting jobs. Really that’s what we’re all wondering. Will all this work really prepare us for the real UX world?

The rest of the day was spent talking to alumni about their experience as well as showing them the projects we were working on. It’s really great to see the alumni community come back to help the other classes down the line. The people that I’m meeting here are just absolutely awesome.

Then what happened from 5:30 to 9:30?! drawing.. redrawing.. more redrawing.. throwing some of that away.. and then more drawing.

If there’s one thing I heard today, but didn’t learn was “fuck it, ship it.” At some point, it’s good enough for what you need and there’s no reason to put endless hours into something if it won’t improve the outcome. Point of diminishing returns, anyone? I’ve got to figure this out before I burn out.

Presentations tomorrow!